Hope and hard work through microfinance to fight poverty in Uganda

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Latest news & projects

    More power at home

    June 2013

    They are proud they can provide for food, hygiene and health family needs, children’s school fees without begging.

    Goal setting is key to devolopment

    June 2013

    Thanks to these trainings people will get skills to assess and set up business

    Loans help cottage industry-cow horns

    June 2013

    He now employs other people and bought a piece of land to build a new premise for his business

    Getting energy out of food waste

    June 2013

    Women collect all the house waste from food to be recycled to fuel-briquettes

    The best snack in the neighbourhood

    June 2013

    he has set a profitable business in this field and she is now earning enough income to sustain her family

    Education out of mushroom growing

    June 2013

    Berna Chelenget is an orphan and a first borned in her family, now can send her brothers and sisters to school.

    Clothes for smartness

    June 2013

    Thanks to Wekembe women cooperating inside the group were able to expand their business through purchase of machines and fabrics.

    Happy family supermarket

    June 2013

    Agaliawamu Gayaza women’s group supported her to enlarge her store, one of the best in the community