Hope and hard work through microfinance to fight poverty in Uganda

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People we support

We specifically support women because we believe that in Africa (and in western countries too) they will always represent a pillar as for progress, democracy, equality and values achievement.

Men are as well welcome as we do not discriminate anybody and this goes for any religious affiliation or tribes the people we support might belong to.

We are happy to help any vulnerable or high risk groups such as widows, orphans, landless, day workers and so on.

We help active unemployed and under employed along with any other individual unable to meet its basic day-to-day subsistence needs as long as they show the right motivation to thrive with hope and hard work as our motto quotes.

We also help small and medium scale farmers and any kind of entrepreneurs who do not have basic business skills to grow and upgrade, to create further jobs and build assets.

As for sectors we pay particular attention to agriculture, renewable energies, artcrafts, building and cottage industry, small scale services and retail activities, manufacturing.