Hope and hard work through microfinance to fight poverty in Uganda

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Why Wekembe

  • A big mobilization capacity thanks to the affiliation to the Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala, to a wide network of more than 312 Community Based Associations and various cooperation agreements with excellent partners such as the Uganda Martyres University for our training activities, Barefoot power for the provision of renewable energy-solar, International rural development service – Germany for development work.
  • Strong focus on capacity building, empowering our target groups with essential skills such as leadership, entrepreneurship development, self-budgeting, loan procedures and rules along with some crosscutting issues such as gender equality, sustainable devolopment, food security
  • Integrated and grass-rooted approach aimed at engaging local communities organizations to test the business ideas/projects, support the loan beneficiary in its day-to-day work life, set specific goals and monitoring procedures „on field“.
  • A wide range of financial services constantly updated to meet the needs of our clients either offered on an individual or group basis but always supported by a crossed guarantees mechanism based on trust and community partecipation
  • A talented task force of professional staff and loan officers committed to client support who constantly upgrade their knowledge and relationship skills