Hope and hard work through microfinance to fight poverty in Uganda

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Financial products

  • Individual loans
  • Solidarity group loans(5-7 people)
  • Capital asset loans, particularly for acquisition of capital assets for Women‘s income generation
  • Agricultural loans specifically addressed to build market oriented enterprises
  • Village Bank building clustering from 5-to-50 individuals pre-selected and trained
  • Village banking loans, such as community managed savings and credit associations (15-50 people)
  • Loans for climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Cottage industries- Metal fabrication, soap manufacturing, bakery, winery, bookbinding, etc.
  • Commercial Credits for small business holders and service providers.
  • Marketing Credits for loans production an inputs, warehouse receipt financing system
  • Green Loans / Green Credits
  • Home improvement – low cost environmental housing using soil stabilized bricks.

Climate Change adaptation and Mitigation

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  • Water Harvesting
  • Renewable energy loans (solar energy saving stores, bio gas, briquettes)
  • Tree Planting – Agro forestry and woodlots; fruit trees, coffee…
  • Waste management – Bio digester, incinerator, recycling and garbage management
  • Loans for smart agricultural practices – organic fertilizers, improved breeds & varieties, seed banks, soil management, pasture management.

Business consulting

  • Business counselling
  • Business plan development
  • Entrepreneurship training

Capacity Building

  • Self budgeting and saving culture training
  • Credit and financial basics
  • Leadership
  • Group dynamics
  • Basics of business appraising

Market development

  • Facilitating small holder household producers (Rural and Urban) to transit from subsistence production to commercial agriculture / money economy – warehouse storage facilities/food banks
  • Competitiveness and market assessment
  • Marketing associations building for specialized products or sectors
  • Product and business promotion
  • Networking and added value initiatives
  • Market information and research
  • Value addition and bulking farmer’s produce – coffee, maize, beans, groundnuts, soy beans, piggery, eggs, rice, bananas, horticulture, eggplants, mushrooms, ginger, passion fruits, dairy, crafts
  • Capacity building for quality and standardization of agricultural produce for small holder households
  • Formation of specialized production groups / marketing associations with specialized trainings for the specialized associations:-
    • Piggery association
    • Poultry association
    • Crafts association
    • Mushroom association
    • Bakery & cottage industry association
    • Grain association
    • Dairy association
    • Home improvement


  • Integrated participatory community development approaches with emphasis on gendered aspects and mainstreaming of climate change adaptation and mitigation in all our activities.
  • Adoption of village development modal, NGO ideas approach and village banking model tailored to a particular community situation with special emphasis on gendered aspects.
  • Formation of community based associations legally registered with the local district authorities with monthly visits by staff.
  • Capacity building / mentorship – Evangelization without any form of discrimination against race , religion…