Hope and hard work through microfinance to fight poverty in Uganda

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Who we are

Wekembe stands for Women Empowerment
with Knowledge Evangelisation Management
and Basic Entrepreneaul Skills and Education.

We are a development organization that provides microloans, enterprise devolopment, market access support, training and capacity building for any kind of low income people.

We have a special emphasis on women who are always the most deprivated of all, with less education and capital assets, but who can make the widest impact on social progress improving the life of their entire family nucleus and further.

We operate with a deep rural outreach along with a peri urban and urban clientele.

Founded in 2002 by Archbishop of Kampala and current president of Caritas Uganda, Cyprian K Lwanga, our motto is “hope and work hard” because we believe in the inner potentialities of each human being along with factual effort and motivation to make it and successeeding even in the hardest situations.

We are member of the Association of Microfinance Institution in Uganda which is the major national micro credit network.

Our program is framed within the Uganda Government poverty eradication strategy as stated in the Uganda National Development Plan.

The activities have been developed with the support of the CEMAS Department of Sapienza University in Rome trought the project “Implementation of”, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Fondazione Roma Sapienza – International Cooperation section will serve as connecting office to develop further collaboration between Wekembe, the Italian researchers and the Italian Agency for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.