Hope and hard work through microfinance to fight poverty in Uganda

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Our approach

We focus on the so-called informal sectors where the majority of active population is self-employed (80% only in Kampala).

Our approach is aimed at erasing poverty causes working on grassroots empowerment so that each person receiving our microcredit assistance grows with its own community and viceversa. That is why we always offer educational and capacity building support together with our financial services relying our activity upon  NGO’s ideas in order to work on projects that have the best chances to succeed and to  be monitored.

A key component of Wekmebe‘s empowerment efforts centers on providing comprehensive management, leadership and business training to our groups so they become capable to manage their own business affairs including the operation of an internal revolving loan fund.  This internal revolving loan fund serves as the group’s own micro-credit lending arm which makes business loans to the group’s members.