Hope and hard work through microfinance to fight poverty in Uganda

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We work besides various national and international institutions and organizations.

Capacity building program, training project, business models and reserach contributions on Impact Analysis and Microinsurance have been devoloped by the CEMAS Department – Sapienza University of Roma in collaboration with Center Altis of University La Cattolica in Milan, Uganda Martyres University and Finafrica Uganda Ltd.

The program, promoted in cooperation with the Italian Permanent Commettee for Microcredit and the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry, enabled us to strenghten our micro credit culture and outreach strategy in central Uganda gaining more effective management tools for reporting and economies of scale.

We also have development parterners from ILD-Germany who are focusing on capacity building of our clients and staff, development of marketing and entrepreneurship structures, promotion of micro credits for renewable energy, cottage industries and agriculture.